About The Founder

Welcome to Rosemary Natural Beauty! My name is Jacqueline Taylor - Ambersley, and I am the proud Founder and CEO of Rosemary Natural Beauty, which launched in 2021.

Rosemary Natural Beauty was developed out of my hope to apply the knowledge I learned in the culinary arts, to improve the quality of products I used on my body. I have years of experience working in the hotel and restaurant industry, where I discovered how natural ingredients helped to regulate the internal environment of the body. I wanted to see how this could support healthy skin and hair.

I used to struggle to keep my daughter's skin hydrated and her hair healthy. I was determined to find a way to solve this issue, and thus began the Rosemary Natural Beauty journey. 

In developing the variety of oils and creams that I now offer, I have focused exclusively on plant-based natural organic items that have profound healing properties.

All Rosemary Natural Beauty products are hand made in small batches to maintain the highest quality. There are no products that I share with my customers that I, and my family, don't also use ourselves ... welcome to the family!