Nap’truly Whipped Mint Shea Butter

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Rosemary Natural  Whipped mint Shea Butter is a magnificent creamy body butter - made with 100% Organic Fresh Mint Leaves and quality Essentrial Mint Oil.

This is Shea butter provides great protection to your skin in hot and cold weather. I highly recommend Whipped Shea Body Butter Mint for all skin types - its richness is sweet Almond oil makes it particularly effective dry sensitive skin.

5. Facts that will make you love Rosemary Natural Rose Shea Butter.

1. Made with organic high quality ingredients . 

2. The scent will leave you with a touch of unique elegance.

3. It's light and foamy, that make it easy to use.

4. 100% Natural.

5. You can use on your Hair, Face, Body.

Great value for money as you only need a small amount at any one time.

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